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Doors and windows have more purposes than what meets the eye. When chosen well, a door not just serves the function of providing safety but can beautify the home design. Likewise, a well positioned window while allowing sunlight and fresh air can work wonders to change the look of a room and even the façade of your home. At Northridge Window Replacement Experts, our team of skilled and amicable professional assists you in investing wisely by helping you choose doors and windows that are aesthetic, functional, eco-friendly and well within your budget.

Replacement Window Styles

Well -situated artistically designed windows not only provide ample sunlight and fresh air, it also adds to the charm of a home, both internally as well as externally. We, at Northridge Window Replacement Experts, have the widest varieties in windows. So, whether you are looking for contemporary designs or classic, you will be spoiled for choice when you see the various window designs and styles we have from elite window manufacturers such as Lincoln Windows, JT Windows, El&El Wood Products, and many others. Our windows collection is curated keeping in mind functionality as well as its visual appeal.

Window Replacement Service

We replace various kinds of windows like wood windows, fiberglass windows, vinyl windows etc.

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Door Styles

The core functionality of a door is to offer safety, security, insulation and privacy. At Northridge Windows Replacement Experts, we have a wide range of sturdy doors that also promise to alleviate your home’s appeal. We have partnered with the best door manufacturers such as Anlin, Ply Gem, Milgard, Pella and the likes.

Door Replacement Service

We replace various kinds of windows like entry doors, patio doors, sliding doors etc.

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What We Do

Casement Windows

The easiest in terms of design, casement windows swing on a hinge, making it quite effortless to open and close them. Casement windows are ideal when your idea of a window is the one that opens up pretty wide allowing a lot of sunshine and fresh air inside.

We offer swift and efficient casement window installation for you. So, if you are installing new windows in your home or renovating it by replacing the old windows with something trendy and robust, Northridge Window Replacement Experts will happily do the job for you.

Garden Window

What is a prettier view than having fascinating little objects outside your window – flowers, plants, little pots and vases, etc.? A garden window enables you to have that view outside your bedroom, living room or even kitchen. Garden windows bulges out a little giving you ample space for decoration.

Having at least one garden window in the house is aesthetically appealing. You can select a façade or a corner that is most visible to the visitors and guests, making your house look inviting. You may customize the garden window by adding a little sitting area. It can become your favorite spot to unwind, read a book or just sip on some coffee overlooking your beautiful tiny garden.

Double Hung Window

A double hung window is a great choice when you want to keep the room well ventilated without letting strong winds storm in. These windows slide vertically instead of sliding sideways. There are two panels in double hung window, and both move up and down that enables the window to be opened up. You can open a small part of the window or big, depending on how ventilated you want your room to be. These windows make for an ideal bedroom selection.

Our technicians at Northridge Window Replacement Experts are adept in installing double hung windows. Choose from the immense variety and we shall ensure it is installed to perfection.

Single Hung Window

Single hung windows are similar to a double hung window in terms of functionality; the only difference is that the former has one sliding panel instead of two. The single panel slides up and down, and is apt for bathrooms, kitchen and smaller rooms, as these windows utilize very little space while giving complete functionality.

Northridge Window Replacement Experts offer a range of sturdy yet classy single hung windows and our professionals would gladly help in installing them for you.

Sliding Windows

Sliding windows, as the name suggests glide in horizontal direction. Generally, a sliding window has one fixed panel while the other panel slides, however you may customize the sliding windows of your home to have both the panels gliding. These windows are a great alternative for casement windows when there is enough wall space but lack of space on the front or back or windows to open the casement window properly.

If you intend to renew your house and the existing windows have become obsolete or do not matching with the rest of the home décor, Northridge Window Replacement Experts would gladly replace your old windows with the modern and chic sliding windows.

Bay Windows

A bay window protrudes towards the outside from the wall it is set on, having two elements – bays and bows. Having a bay window gives the room and idea of extra space, making it look larger along with offering better exterior views. Most bay windows consist of three windows, though triangular bays can be formed with two windows set.

Bay windows are quite stylish that set apart the whole look of the room. We have innumerable designs by famous manufacturers that you may choose from. Our professionals at Northridge Window Replacement Experts are highly skilled in installing bay windows and can offer you a great home makeover with these new windows.

Awning Windows

Awning windows have a classic appeal and charm of their own. At the top of the windowpane there is a hinge from where the window opens. And the canopy at the top is stretched on a frame. Ideally used to keep the sun or rain off, the awning is more to give that beautiful look to the windows from the outside. Normally having a small size, these windows are perfect for small rooms and kitchens. You may choose from an array of materials such as fiberglass, frosted, metal shutters, etc. for your awning windows.

At Northridge Windows Replacement Experts, we have years of experience in installing awning windows. We maintain catalogs from top manufacturers and guide you in selecting a perfect one for your home.

Picture Windows

These windows are for decorative purposes as they cannot be opened. If opening the window to keep the room well ventilated is not your concern, then a picture window gives a beautiful look to the room. This fixed glass window allows you blend the inside of your home to the outside world and creating a virtually bigger space.

Ideally big in size, a picture window looks exquisite when placed in that part of the house where it opens up to the garden or an area with a scenic view. To give a larger than life effect, have the window from the ceiling to just one foot above the ground. With a nice drapery around, your living room will stand apart and look splendid.

Alluring Collection of Windows in All Types of Material

We, at Northridge Window Replacement Experts, have a wide variety of windows in all materials. Our professionals will assist you to choose the right windows depending on your choice, space availability, budget and weather circumstances.

Wood Windows

Wooden windows have a lot of variation – barn windows, full wood shutter windows, or wooden grid windows with glass in the center. Having been the oldest window styles, many homeowners prefer wood windows over any other material because it gives the feeling of warmth and seem traditional. If your home has a lot of wood element in it, such as in shelves, floors, and furniture etc, using the same wood material in the rest of the house makes sense as the wood windows would merge well with the rest of the home design and décor.

At Northridge Windows Replacement Experts, we have installed thousands of wood windows for our clients over the years and hence we have tremendous expertise in the domain.

Wood Clad Windows

As gorgeous as the wood windows look, they are undoubtedly high maintenance as they tend to wear out over time due to sun and rain, and hence require re-polishing every few years. The best substitute for this problem is to opt for wood clad windows, which are clad with a heavier and durable material such as aluminum and vinyl on the outside. To keep the beauty of the wood window intact, the cladding is generally done only on the part of the window facing outside.

Wood clad windows are your best bet if you want to maintain the grace of a wood window and have it easy on your pocket too. Contact our experts at Northridge Window Replacement Experts and they’ll help you choose the right material and give you the most beautiful windows in Northridge.

Vinyl windows

Sturdy, long lasting, low cost and low maintenance – what is there not to love about vinyl windows! There is no need to do any polishing or painting ever, just wash the windows and they are as good as new. And the best part is that you can choose vinyl windows in so many different colors, even a wood finish!

Northridge Window Replacement Experts have the best quality vinyl windows that are available in the market. We are renowned for offering proficiency in wood finish laminate for vinyl windows so much so that even the most discerning of our customers find it challenging to tell the difference between the two.

Aluminum Windows

Aluminum windows are highly durable and pliable, with an ability to take the shape of any kind of window frame. Similar to vinyl windows, aluminum windows do not require repainting or polishing. Just give them a wash to keep them shining like new.

At Northridge Window Replacement Experts, our experts ensure that installation or replacement of your aluminum window is carried out efficiently and with precision so that it looks at its best.

Fiberglass Windows

Fiberglass windows are the strongest of all the other window types and they last longer, even longer than vinyl. Though the installation cost of these windows is higher, low maintenance and the sturdiness of these windows help you recover the costs over time. Another additional feature of fiberglass windows is that they can be painted in any color and if you are repainting the house or for any other reason, you can change the color of these windows again. Aluminum and vinyl windows can be painted only once.

If you are considering installing new windows in your home or replacing the old ones, call Northridge Window Replacement Experts and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Obscure Glass Windows

Obscure glass window is a great option when you do not want to compromise on having sunlight streaming in, yet looking for some privacy. These windows have patterns carved on them giving a different appeal to the windows, at the same time preventing anyone to see clearly through them.

Northridge Window Replacement Experts have great design options for you to choose from. Give us a call and we’ll provide you with all the choices and the quote.

Entry Doors

Besides safeguarding your home in terms of security, privacy and insulation, the entry door to your home reflects your artistic taste. Therefore, it is important that you choose them carefully.

We, at Northridge Window Replacement Experts, have a great collection of entry doors should you wish to replace the existing ones with or install in the new home. Stocking only the best quality material, you may choose between metal, glass or wood to get the robust and long-lasting doors for your home.

French Doors

French doors are a classy door design that never goes out of fashion. Such doors come with swings on the hinge, and can have single or double panel. A French door with full length glass and wood paneling is an elegant choice for entrance, balconies and the drawing room. With the availability of several smart glasses such as the tempered glass, one doesn’t even have to worry about the security aspect. A tempered glass maintains the beauty and an uninterrupted view that French doors offer, while ensuring complete safety and protection.

At Northridge Window Replacement Experts, we have more than hundreds of French door designs by the best door manufacturers like Simonton, JT Windows and Lincoln Windows.

Sliding Patio Doors

These modern day doors offer neat design along with space efficiency. The beauty of these sliding doors is that they allow you to go as wide as you would want without compromising on the space in front of the doors and behind them. You can choose from single to four panels in a sliding patio door depending on the room size. Ideally the living rooms opening into the patio having sufficiently wide walls can accommodate four panel sliding doors. Hence, even if your balcony isn’t big enough, you can still use the full wall of your bedroom or the living room for installing glass sliding patio door and enjoy uninterrupted view. Once open, sliding door makes your room look much larger as the indoor and outdoor spaces merge into one another. You can fit in a tempered glass in the sliding doors as it provides unmatched security against break-ins and any other damage.

We have a large variety of sliding patio doors at Northridge Window Replacement Experts, sourced from only reputed manufacturers. Additionally, we offer efficient and customized installation for sliding doors.


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