Sliding Patio Doors

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These are contemporary style doors that are functional and quite versatile. Sliding patio doors make a great choice for apartments and independent homes alike. Sliding doors are a perfect fit when you have less space available in that part of the home. These doors are fixed on a sliding line and move from left to light and vice versa. Unlike French doors that swing in and out taking up a lot of space; sliding doors is the answer when you need to use the space efficiently. Without worrying about area that is available in the front and back of the door, you can install sliding patio doors using as little or as much width as you want.

Types of Sliding Doors at Northridge Window Replacement Experts

There are three styles of sliding patio doors that you may choose from, depending on the width of the door.

  1. Two Panel Sliding Patio Door
    In this style, there are two panels; one pane is fixed while the other is moving. It is a good choice for smaller rooms as it gives enough space to move in and out of the room with ease, without using a large part of the wall area.
  2. Three Panel Sliding Patio Door
    A three panel sliding door is wider than the two panel door, having two fixed panes on each side of the door and the center one is moving. It gives an extra width to the glass door area offering more sunlight and better exterior view.
  3. Four Panel Sliding Patio Door

    A four panel sliding door has two fixed panes and two moving ones in the center. This gives an immense opening to the door, giving better views of the outside, making the room look bigger and allowing you to easily move bigger furniture pieces through the door. So, this door takes care of the beauty and functionality aspect, hand in hand.

Safety Mechanism in Sliding Doors

Earlier it was considered that the sliding doors do not provide ample safety and security against break-ins and damage through impact. However, reputed door manufacturers have come up with fail-proof solutions to appease your concerns. Most of the sliding doors, whether they are two, three or four panel, have three-step locks fitted in them that reduces the risk of forced entry to a great extent. The other concern of breakage as a result of heavy impact is addressed using tempered glass. When a tempered glass is impacted with a heavy or high momentum object such as a hammer or a stone, it breaks into hundreds of tiny particles and stay within the frame, without falling off. So in case of an accident or deliberate attempt to break-in, the glass on the door shall still stay intact and guard you.

We have a huge collection of sliding patio doors at Northridge Window Replacement Experts to choose from. All you have to do is select the door that meets your home requirements and our team of professionals would handle the installation part.