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French doors are one of the most traditional and most loved door styles. Particularly the two panel ones have their own romantic charm and still appeal to home designers. French doors usually use a lot of glass, be it two single glass slabs on each panel of the door or small sections of glass cut in squares and rectangles and fitted into a metal or wooden frame.

French doors have a functional advantage that it is easier to move large objects such as big furniture items through them. Besides providing convenient movement, these doors open up wide enough to blend in the indoor spaces to outdoors, making the room look quite bigger and offering great external views.

You can keep the traditional and classic look alive by opting for classic checkered French doors with white wooden frame. Or you may opt for a more contemporary design by browsing through our vast catalogue of French door designs and ideas. We also cater to customizations, so if you have any specific idea in mind or have a picture, we’d be more than happy to give you what you desire.

Northridge Window Replacement Experts has collaborated with best door manufacturers and we have a collection of great designs, both beautiful and functional, to choose from. Our experts shall guide you to choose the right kind of door that best matches your home décor.